Episode 25 - Goodbye

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  • Song Name: Episode 25 - The Final Episode
  • Artist: Chloe Grist - Dick Morrell
  • Album: Not Quite The Afterglow
  • Year: 2018

This is the final episode of Not Quite The Afterglow

After this episode, Chloe embarked on an affair behind Dick's back when he was away working in Birmingham and chaos ensued, and is still in 2023 ensuing.

Which is tragic as he adored her, everything about her, and worked so hard to support and provide.

People are daft, humans are not perfect and she was his one.

But infidelity is an endpoint and this was NOT the first time Chloe had been unfaithful. Far from it, affairs with a friend in Devizes when they first met, with a chap now living in Australia a year later and a guitarist in Bristol in 2008. Then in 2017 she had had an affair with a girl in Oxfordshire and a girl in Bristol.

A line was crossed and Dick served divorce.

Cue the hell that has been ongoing ever since.