Episode 7 - Happy Flappy - Being Married to a Man with Aspergers

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  • Song Name: Episode 7 - Happy Flappy - Married to an Aspie
  • Artist: Not Quite The Afterglow
  • Album: Not Quite The Afterglow
  • Year: 2017

This week in the UK Chris Packham TV's amazing ornotholigist and animal expert was on BBC TV in a commissioned programme talking about having Aspergers Syndrome following on from his amazing book Fingers in the Sparkle Jar which we recommend to everyone. Chloe for a decade has lived and loved Richard, happily married, two kids - despite Richard having Aspergers. Thanks to the BBC and Chris for being so honest, open and transparent and giving us a voice and a platform as folk in the wider world.

Hear how we've coped, embraced differences and learnt how to deal with daily issues while not letting it change life more than it needs to. A slightly longer episode than usual but its a complex topic not many people understand.