Episode 4 - Hangovers, teen fashion, smartphones & stray hair

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  • Song Name: Episode 4 - Mild Hangovers All Round and Bad Fashion for Teens
  • Artist: Not Quite The Afterglow
  • Album: Not Quite The Afterglow
  • Year: 2017

This is episode 4 where Chloe continues to demonstrate why she wears the trousers. Richard laments modern fashion, both recover from a very mild excess of home made cocktails and generally put the world to rights as only they can. Chloe talks Doritos, dodgy teenage fashion and Richard generally just feels hard done by.

If you haven't already visited the Facebook Group "Not Quite The Afterglow" then you're missing out and full technicolor details of some parts of this podcast will be less enjoyable (go look !!).

Come back next week where Chloe will no doubt put Richard in a headlock or tie him to a moving car and wave him goodbye lovingly. More than 11,000 people listened last week which is terrifying ....