Locked Down - Episode 8 - ZoneFox the best startup you've never heard of

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  • Song Name: Locked Down - Episode 8 - ZoneFox a British Startup to Watch
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  • Year: 2016

I mentioned ZoneFox in my column on TheStack yesterday. Well I think it's time you heard them talk. They are an ethical and hugely talented startup in Scotland. I really hope they are NOT acquired soon. I think being acquired could be the dumbest thing they could do unless it was on the promise of their product and futures being assured. This technology, and I am really hard to impress, is one of the diamonds of RSAConference this year. Sadly 99.8% of the people attending will come away without ever hearing of it. So lets do something about that. Listen to this show because if you are a developer or a company executive you're going to come away thinking - I want or need this product. It's THAT good.