Locked Down - Episode 4 - Lance James of Flashpoint talks to Richard at The Moscone

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  • Song Name: Locked Down - Episode 4 - Richard talks to Lance James of Flashpoint
  • Artist: Locked Down - A Red Hat Security Podcast
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  • Year: 2016

Sat down with me today is Lance James, Chief Scientist at Flashpoint. Flashpoint are probably THE guys to go to when you think about emerging threat. If you've seen Mr Robot, Flashpoint is about as close to that as it gets, except real world. Threat identification, planning and looking at emerging threat globally, looking at terrorist threat, cyber terrorism, ransomware etc. Lance is a good friend and I always panic before recording as he and I will laugh like drains if allowed. Lance is the author of "Phishing Exposed", former Deloitte, working with CBC, CNN, the BBC, the David Lawrence Show, ZDNet, Wired News, CSO, USA Today, Fox News, and the Washington Post and now seen live on US TV as a security anchorman. He's also my drinking buddy.