Episode 3 - In conversation with Raj Samani VP, CTO for EMEA, Intel Security

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  • Year: 2016

There are forces of nature and there are forces for change. Seldom do you get both in one package. Raj Samani is one of those packages. Intel's authority on security, globally recognised and accepted as one of the most gifted speakers of his generation, Raj gives us the benefit of appearing on this show. We've recorded before a few years ago at another security show and I count him as a valued friend.

This show more than any other deserves your attention. Theres a reason he has twice packed RSAC this year both at the CSA conference on Monday and then today in his keynote. He gets it. A visionary looking ahead at the challenges we face in security and the positive force for good that building the right practical controls can mean to the journey we're jointly on as we try to embrace that transformation.

Sit back, relax, listen to Raj as he and I put the world to rights as best we can.