Locked Down - A security podcast from RSA Conference 2016, talking to Josh Bressers from Red Hat

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  • Song Name: Richard talks to Josh Bressers at RSA Conference 2016
  • Artist: Locked Down - A Red Hat Security Podcast
  • Album: Locked Down - Live from RSA Conference 2016
  • Year: 2016

Josh Bressers for 12 years now has been the quiet unassuming security hero at Red Hat working with the Security Response Team to build common sense practices and polished security processes into the operating system Red Hat Enhanced Linux (RHEL), and all derivative products in the virtualisation space (RHEV), and our products in middleware, storage and now containers and the cloud. He is presenting at RSAConference on Friday as well as talking at the Red Hat security breakfast on Wednesday this week here in San Francisco. It's overdue that I put a microphone in front of him. This is what happens when you put two security geeks in that position.