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Technical Questions
What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is an especially important consideration when thinking about media casting and podcasts since these tend to involve moving large amounts of data across network cables and devices, and across Internet backbones around the world. There are costs involved with moving such data around as often there are limitations at various points around the Internet (such as in fibre optic lines crossing the Atlantic). We source the best rates of Bandwidth available in the UK and purchase large segments of bandwidth in bulk. We can pass the savings on to our podcast users and our prices reflect this value. If you anticipate requiring very large amounts of bandwidth please contact us for the latest prices and offers.

What about bits and bytes? Can you give me a more technical explanation of bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a term used to describe the amount of data that can be transferred over a network cable or network device in a fixed amount of time. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second (bps) or in higher units like Mbps (millions of bits per second). The word "bit" comes from a shortening of "Binary Digit" which can be thought of as simply a one (1) or a zero(0). All computer data can be distilled down into collections of ones and zeros (ie. bits).

Sometimes bandwidth is measured in terms of the amount of data transferred over longer periods than a second. Often it is useful to consider data transferred over the period of a month for example. This data is usually measured in Bytes. One byte is eight bits. This often makes it easier to correlate bandwidth with data, particularly in a web hosting or a podcasting environment. Because the numbers quickly get very large, measurements are made in Kilobytes (bytes times 1024), Megabytes (Kilobytes times 1024), Gigabytes (Megabytes times 1024) and even Terabytes (Megabytes times 1024). Care should be taken to differentiate between Megabits and Megabytes for example. Since each byte is made up of eight bits, a Megabyte is eight times bigger than a Megabit. Megabyte is shortened to MB (note the upper case B) and Megabit is shortened to Mb (lower case b)

How much bandwidth will I need to use for my podcast?

Without knowing the popularity of your podcast it is very difficult to say with any great accuracy. We have created various pricing plans to try and ensure that you don't overspend on unnecessary bandwidth but to also ensure that the bandwidth is available should your podcast require it and should you desire to use more bandwidth.

The two important factors when considering how much bandwidth your podcast might need are: the size of your finished podcast and it's popularity. If you have made a half hour podcast that is 10Mb big and it is pretty popular with say, 10,000 downloads over the month, then over the monthly period you would need to transfer 100,000 Mbytes (or about 100GB) of data to serve your podcast content over that month.

Naturally if you make more than one episode available then there will also be a cumulative effect. Use our handy jellycast bandwidth and pricing calculator to estimate how much bandwidth you may require and what the associated costs will be.

Do I have to have a bandwidth limit?

Yes. Bandwidth is one of the most expensive elements of any podcasting or hosting service. Bandwidth can never be free or unlimited no matter what any provider may tell you! Our Jellycast service is designed so that you can set your own chosen bandwidth limit, and so that up to 25GB of data transfer per month is included free of charge. If you anticipate requiring a very large amount of bandwidth please contact us to discuss this. We believe we offer the most sensible and best value bandwidth prices in the industry.

What if I go over my bandwidth limit?

Our systems are set up to avoid you finding yourself landed with unwanted bandwidth bills. If your chosen bandwidth limit is exceeded your podcast will not be available until the next monthly period. However, we will contact you via e-mail as and when this happens so that you have the opportunity to decide to move up a pricing level and continue your service. You can also monitor your podcasts and their bandwidth usage via our handy statistical graphs. If you prefer a more flexible approach where bandwidth bursting is possible, please contact us to discuss. We always aim to be flexible and meet our users requirements.

Can I limit my bandwidth to avoid excess charges?

We set the bandwidth limit at the limit you choose according to the price plan you decide to use for any given month. On our basic plan 0 there will automatically be a limit at 25GB of data transfer per month. You can assess how much data has been transferred using our handy statistics and graphs and we will automatically contact you via e-mail if your limit is reached in order that you have the option to increase your bandwidth levels.

How do I know how much bandwidth my podcast is using?

Your podcasting control panel contains statistical analysis of your podcast so you can easily determine how much data has been transferred.

Are there any statistics to show how popular my podcast is?

Yes, your podcasting control panel contains statistical analysis of your podcast so you can easily determine how many downloads your podcast has achieved.

Can I use your podcast service just as a general file storage system?

No, our system is designed for media casting only and is not suitable as a general file storage and retrievel service.

Can I stream real audio/video files from your server?

Not from our standard jellycast service, however we can offer real time streaming services via dedicated and managed servers. Please contact us for full details.

I have changed my bandwidth limit, how long does it take for this to take effect?

Upgrades are instantaneous, downgrades may take up to 24 hours.

How do I set up my domain name to work with your podcasting service?

Any domain name registered through our service can be made available for use on your podcast. We automatically create a record and an e-mail to our support team will ensure this is correctly mapped to your podcast.

Can I change my jellycast password?

Yes, this can be done from your control panel. Go to the "My Account" section and choose "Edit" to do so.

Can I change my jellycast username?

No, this cannot be changed once set.

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